1.12 Pregnancy and Preparing

I woke up this morning feeling full of energy. I’m not sure what came over me, but when I saw the toilet broken from some time in the night, I had to go straight to fixing it right away! I didn’t want Abram to have to worry about it before he went off to work.


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1.11 To GeekCon We Go!

This morning, Abram left pretty early to get to his job. It’s weird watching him go off to work when we’ve been together since he moved in.

I kind of miss him already, but there are things to do today. Namely some painting so we can get something to cover this drywall.


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1.09 Flash Sale

Time waits for no couple. Abram and I slept for a little while, before the sun became too bright and I just couldn’t lay in bed anymore. So I went and started to paint. Shortly after painting I received an email about a flea market going down. Abram mentioned that I should take some paintings and see about selling them there.

I honestly loved the idea, so I made copies of my cherished paintings and took the three over to see if I could sell them.


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1.08 Marriage Whirlwind

So despite not having a full house, we are in no way cut off from the world. We received a flyer in the mail announcing the Romance Festival, and later I received an email to make sure I knew that it started. After talking with Abram, we decided to attend the festival and see how nice it was. The first thing we encountered after arriving was a shower of flower petals, just beautiful pink storm of them.


It was incredibly beautiful.

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1.07 Taking Things to the Next Level

After painting for a good while after my date with Abram yesterday, and spending most of the morning painting, I felt like I had enough saved up to go on another date with Abram. This time, my call to take him out. I’d thought a lot about everything, and how we were doing while I painted and I’d come to a conclusion that only going out to dinner would fix.

So I called him up and he was excited to go.


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