1.19 Two Toddlers

Life has been a rush, between having our little Meri Rose a Toddler and little baby Brandon. Before too long, I turned around and it was time for his birthday.

And I have to say he aged up into a handsome little man.

We set him to play and meet his big sister Meri Rose. They didn’t know too much of what to think about each other for a little while.

I was sure there would be a temper tantrum after he curled up to take a nap in her bed instead of his own. Because, she’s been very possessive of her things since she saw the new baby.

But she surprised me with how happy she was.

My girl is growing up well, and I think she already figured out that having him nearly hear size means more fun because she’ll have someone to play with instead of take attention from us. So I’m glad she’s excited, finally, to see her brother.

Until next time,


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