1.18 All about Meri Rose

So after her reaction to her brother, I made sure to sit Meri Rose down and make sure she knew that she’s still just as special to us as she was before. Her brother didn’t change any of that.

She seemed a lot happier knowing that and we even had a good day playing.

She’s such a sweet little thing. I love her so much.

After we played we decided that it was bath time.

Of course, bath time turned into splashing mommy time.

I was soaked enough, that Abram offered to put her to bed for me while I changed. Which was incredibly sweet of him.

Of course, it didn’t take too long for her to come running to our room because she’d had a nightmare.

We let her sleep with us for the night, hoping that it’d help. Maybe once her brother is old enough and she’s not alone in her room, she’ll be ale to sleep through the night better.

Until next time,


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