1.16 Adventures with Meri Rose

Today started with a little bit of house work. I went to take a shower and found it completely gross.

So naturally, I had to clean it before I could use it.

While I did that, Abram made some pancakes for breakfast. They smelled so good, even from the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to get out there and try some.

Apparently even our little Meri Rose decided to try some.

Can’t blame her when they smelled so good. Abram said she refused to take the yogurt he’d prepared for her, and kept pointing to the pancakes so eventually he caved and gave her a place of them.

And she must have loved them because she polished them off faster than it took me to get out of the shower and sit down with my own plate of breakfast.

Today we had her work on her blocks and her walking.

She’s such a doll, truthfully.

Before dinner I even saw her hugging her Unicorn. I couldn’t help myself in getting a shot.

Who knew having kids could be just this happy and precious.

Until next time,


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