1.15 – The Birthday of Meri Rose

Today was Meri Rose’s birthday! We were so excited to celebrate it with her. And she’s becoming such a beautiful big girl! I couldn’t believe how big she’s grown!

Truthfully, she’s just the most beautiful and precious little girl in the world. At least, I think so.

We worked on walking just a little after her birthday. I’m kind of thankful that we just have a one story house, no stairs for me to worry about her on. Though, with as well as she took to walking, I’m sure she’d be excellent at them already.

After we cleaned up the old crib, since she wouldn’t be needing it. Well, at least not for a little while at least. We changed her into some pajamas.

Abram saw that she was hungry so he made sure to give her some animal crackers in the hopes that she’d be happy and willing to go to bed after.

Of course, she insisted on talking to her Unicorn before she went to bed too. She had to tell it good night!

I don’t think she was terribly happy having to go to bed so soon after her birthday, if that pout is any indication. But thankfully after a quick story, and getting her to lay down she went right to bed.

She’s absolutely adorable. My heart just can’t take how happy I am that she’s aging up into such a cute girl. Soon she’ll having a baby sibling too!

Until next time,


Author Note: What would you like to see the next nooboo named? Leave suggestions for both boys and girls in the comments below!


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