1.14 Surprise Date Night

The day started out fairly simple. I woke up to Meri Rose needing to be fed, so I slipped out of bed to take care of her.

While I did that, Abram got up and cooked us both breakfast. I think it was extremely nice of him to do that.

He even told me to sit down after I had gotten Meri Rose to sleep. Watching him cook for me was a really nice treat. Especially since after breakfast he had to go off to work.

Staying home with Meri Rose wasn’t all that bad though. She sleeps most of the time, which let me work on some more paintings. I do believe we’ll be able to afford a new room on our house soon with the work I’ve been doing. And I must say I’m rather excited to be able to get another room. I’m hoping for a dining room maybe, though with this second nooboo, we may add a third bedroom instead.

I mean, Meri Rose might be able to share her room while she’s little, but I’d like her to be able to have her own space when she’s older. Granted, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here. She is still just a tiny thing.

After Abram came home he hired a nanny to watch Meri Rose and took me out on a date! It was such a surprise, but I loved being able to get all dressed up again!

When I asked what the occasion was, he just simply told me that it had been far too long since we’d done something special. And that next time we shouldn’t wait so long to have date night, that we should try to squeeze it in at least every other week.

Though, he also announced that he’d gotten a promotion at work. Which meant that splurging on dinner out tonight was also not going to be too worrisome.

We both had amazing food and these super cute drinks. The Chef called them Love Potions, mine was non-alcoholic of course because of the baby, but they were so good. It was a wonderful night out, and I couldn’t have thought it any more perfect to spend a nice night out with my husband.

Until next time,


Author Note: What would you like to see the next nooboo named? Leave suggestions for both boys and girls in the comments below!


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