1.13 NooBoos & Renovations

So, I didn’t get too much sleep before the little one woke me up, demanding that it was time to go to the hospital. Abram started off fine, he drove us there and seemed perfectly calm while we walked up to the front doors.


But suddenly, it’s like something hit him on the head and he ran around the hospital in a panic. Though, not so much of a panic that he was fine spending $4 on something to eat while I talked with the doctor and headed back to the delivery room.


Of course, that panic set right back in once he came in with me to watch the delivery. I’m wondering if this time the panic was because of the machine. It is kind of intimidating to have to settle in this giant machine to have a baby. And it always looks like the doctor is just playing a game on that screen at my feet.


But soon enough our brand new, Baby GIRL! was born! I couldn’t wait to hold her so once the doctor gave me the okay, I hopped right up and picked her up. She looks so sweet and cute. Meri Rose is what Abram and I decided to go with.


We got home, and were able to get Meri Rose asleep before we celebrated our new addition to the family. Just enough time to celebrate before he had to jog off to work, too.

I started to feel sick after breakfast so I took a little test. Turns out Meri Rose won’t be an only child! I can’t wait for Abram to get home so I can share the news with him!


While he was gone I painted most of the day away while taking care of our new girl and keeping an eye on the construction crew. They did a fine job with the addition to our house I think.

I’m keeping Meri Rose in the main part of the house for the time being because I can keep an eye on her easier as I move about the house. I don’t want to miss a single peep or sigh from her.


The living room / kitchen has never looked better, though that may be because we don’t have a bed in it anymore.


Abram and I finally have our own bedroom. It’s a little sparse right now, but soon enough we’ll be able to furnish it.


And when Meri Rose gets a little bigger, her room is mostly ready for her. It could probably stand to have a few more toys as we can afford them, but hopefully I have a few days before she needs them.

Also, the first painting I did, I did with my baby girl in mind. And so I made sure to hang it above her bed for when she grows up. To me, I think it means she’ll be a strong, powerful woman.


The house is finally starting to come along, and I’m so excited for it. Though, I’m more excited for my growing family!

Until next time,


Author Note: What would you like to see the next nooboo named? Leave suggestions for both boys and girls in the comments below!


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