1.12 Pregnancy and Preparing

I woke up this morning feeling full of energy. I’m not sure what came over me, but when I saw the toilet broken from some time in the night, I had to go straight to fixing it right away! I didn’t want Abram to have to worry about it before he went off to work.


What’s sweet of him is that while I made him breakfast, he took a quick shower and then mopped up the floor from when the toilet had been broken.

It seems like a little thing, but it’s nice to know I won’t have to do it later, that I can focus on my part of bringing in our income and getting the house more prepared for our coming baby.


Before he ran off to work I made sure that he paused a moment and got to feel the baby now that it’s big enough to move. We don’t know what it will be, and the doctors have asked us if we’d like to know but both of us agreed that it’s fun to live in the mystery a little. So we’re waiting to find out the day of.

I think it’s more exciting that way!


My day started making sure the little garden I’ve started was doing well. The plants need love even while we’re trying to earn enough to add to our house.

After they were taken care of though, it was straight to painting for the whole day. Abram had suggested at one point to move my easel inside, but I’m so inspired and invigorated by the outdoors that I couldn’t bare to be inside while I paint. I feel like I accomplish more than I would inside.


Abram made mac and cheese for dinner for us while I made sure to hang the new masterpieces that I painted. He agrees that while they’re worth a lot and we could sell them straight away, that it would be worth it to save them and save up to open a gallery where I can sell my work. So right now the beautiful masterpieces are added some life to our otherwise bare walls in our little studio house.


I think I was able to save up enough to build a few more rooms. I made sure to use a little bit of that money for Abram, because his work needs him to learn programming. So I splurged a little and was able to find him a desk and computer. I’m not sure how long he spent on that thing, but I know he mentioned that he’d be super ready for work the next day thanks to me.


Hopefully I can get the rooms build tomorrow before this little one comes. But we’ll see.

Until next time,


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