1.11 To GeekCon We Go!

This morning, Abram left pretty early to get to his job. It’s weird watching him go off to work when we’ve been together since he moved in.

I kind of miss him already, but there are things to do today. Namely some painting so we can get something to cover this drywall.


After I painted a few excellent pieces, I headed into town to sell them. What I found was this amazing convention going on with people in costumes everywhere. So naturally, after selling my work, I had to check it out!


First stop was this fun gaming area where they were holding a tournament. I decided to join even though I haven’t really played video games before. This seems like something Abram would be a little more skilled at.

But the cave adventure was amazing and fun.


So was the life size block game.

I was so surprised at how lifelike everything was while you are in the gaming machine. Sadly, I didn’t qualify for the next round.


After that, I wandered over to the computer area where they were having a hack-a-thon.

Needless to say, I didn’t do well in that either.

But I did have fun. So that’s the important part, I would think.


The convention packed up shortly after I was done with the last competition, and it was fun to watch them go too.

A street performer came by after and started to do her thing, so I stayed and watched for a little bit.


But soon enough it grew dark and I decided it was time to head home. Especially since I knew that Abram should be home soon.

We ended up getting home at about the same time, and there was just this perfect moment between us where we looked at each other and then had to say welcome home to each other.


I told Abram to go ahead and grab a shower before bed while I made dinner.

It was his first day at work, so I wanted it to be something special.


And he absolutely loved it. I was so glad.


After he ate, I showed him a few shots that I was able to get at Geek Con. And then we headed to bed.


With the paintings I sold were enough to let us cover that drywall.

The outside of the house looks so much better. I know it doesn’t have a good looking roof yet, it’s just flat on top, but I figured a roof would come after I finish the house, otherwise I’ll have the guys out here all the time just for the roof and I’d feel bad for that.


And I know it’s hard to see right now, but the walls have paint on them inside now, and we have carpet on the floor.


The house is really coming together. Oh! And I found that poster while I was at Geekcon, so I figured I would hang it up as a memory for how fun the day was .

Until next time,


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