1.10 Masterpiece Work

The morning started out nice and bright. And Abram and I just finished off the grilled cheese that was in the fridge from yesterday’s dinner. It wasn’t as good as the when it was fresh, but it was kind of nice to not have to worry about cooking as we started the day off.


Abram decided he wanted to try his hand at fishing, so he headed down to the little beach near our house while I got to work on painting. Did I mention that he starts a new job tomorrow? He’s going to see about entering the technology field. He apparently has a lot of faith in my art, thinking I’ll be able to afford a computer for him to work on at home, but at least he can do some of the stuff from his phone for now.


Though, maybe he has a point in having faith in my art. It wasn’t even much more past noon when I sold enough to be able to afford the last wall to our little house, and a door. It still needs a little something for the outside, so it’s not all drywall, but at least we have a little more privacy for our home.


I also hit a stride and the galleries told me that I had three masterpieces. After finding that out, I wasn’t sure I wanted to sell them so for the time being I have them on the wall at home. It’s nice to have a little artwork on these walls while I wait to be able to afford to grow our house.


Though with Abram’s new career, I’ll be saving up for a computer first to support him.

When he was done fishing, he came up and watered my plants, as well as bought me some blackberries and asked if I wanted to sell them our plant them. We chose to plant them after a quick check to see what they were worth. I think it will be more of an investment to tend and grow some of our own.

We also ended up inside, to celebrate having our privacy once more.


Feeling a little queasy, I decided to take a pregnancy test after our celebrating. And was floored.

We’re expecting!


I came out and woke Abram up to tell him. He’s so excited too. I can’t wait to have a baby. Though, means I’ll be working harder than ever to paint so we can afford a room for our new little boy or girl.


Everything is happening so fast. I’m so excited for our growing family, and our future! Who knows what else we should expect!

Until next time,


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