1.08 Marriage Whirlwind

So despite not having a full house, we are in no way cut off from the world. We received a flyer in the mail announcing the Romance Festival, and later I received an email to make sure I knew that it started. After talking with Abram, we decided to attend the festival and see how nice it was. The first thing we encountered after arriving was a shower of flower petals, just beautiful pink storm of them.


It was incredibly beautiful.

A person who was leaving told us that we needed to try the sakura tea, so I made sure to head there first stop. Abram was a little nervous about trying something so incredibly pink, but eventually I was able to convince him that it was a good idea. It was delicious, and I am grateful for the stranger who sent me over there.


A woman came over to us after that and told me she wanted to talk to me, that she was the guru of romance and that she knew all. So we spent a fair bit of the festival talking. She said she saw good things for Abram and I in the future, that our love was solid and that I should be extremely happy with our relationship.


Abram and I walked around the festival after that, and we ended up at this beautiful wedding arch. A man came by and said that if we wanted to seal the deal, he’d be happy to bare witness. And by bare witness, he meant take all the photographs for us. I’m so glad that he was there to make sure we had beautiful photos to remember the night by.


We exchanged vows, and then he surprised me by already having a ring ready.


And then we sealed the marriage with a kiss.


I’m pretty sure I saw streamers and confetti appear after we kissed, just to add a little more magic to our private little ceremony.


And then we looked up and there were these beautiful fireworks above us.


Feeling inspired, I took advantage of the easels they had around the festival and went straight to painting. Abram was sweet and waited for me.


After all the excitement, Abram and I came home and he made grilled cheese for dinner while I hung the new painting. I love that our little wall has so many memories from our relationship. It makes me smile every time I glance over at it.


And then of course, we decided to go to bed.


The sun was coming up, so I’m not sure just how much sleep we’ll get, but it was nice to go to bed husband and wife.

Until next time,


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