1.07 Taking Things to the Next Level

After painting for a good while after my date with Abram yesterday, and spending most of the morning painting, I felt like I had enough saved up to go on another date with Abram. This time, my call to take him out. I’d thought a lot about everything, and how we were doing while I painted and I’d come to a conclusion that only going out to dinner would fix.

So I called him up and he was excited to go.


After getting dolled up, I picked him up and we headed to this beautiful restaurant I’d received an email about. It had just opened, but the atmosphere was supposed to be amazing, so I decided to risk it and head there for dinner.

Luckily they weren’t too busy and the hostess greeted us with a warm smile.


We were seated almost immediately, and the way Abram was looking at me, I swear there were actually little pink hearts coming from him. Obviously that couldn’t really be the case, but the look on his face was just heart melting. We talked over a beautiful candlelit table, pausing briefly to order our food.


And it seemed like barely any time at all before it was delivered. The drink of the night was Love Potion #7 in respect for Valentine’s Week, and we’d agreed to try them happily. Though, they were a bit pink for Abram.


I found them absolutely refreshing, and it seemed to help cool Abram’s tongue a little when he found his meal just a little on the spicy side. He swears that aside from the heat of the dish, it was excellent.


Before dessert, I got down on one knee and asked him to marry me before the nerves had me chicken out. It’s nerve racking, kneeling in front of someone with a ring in your hand, waiting for them to answer you, and hoping you didn’t read the signs all wrong. I know we’re meant to be together. And I was just hoping that he felt the same way.


Thankfully, he did! Abram and I are engaged! Soon we’ll be married, and then he’ll move in with me on my family’s lot. I can’t wait to spend my life with him. The restaurant even told us dessert was on the house as a congratulations, and of course, to not forget them when we decide to plan our wedding because they make a beautiful wedding venue.


I was so happy and flying high on love that when I got home I had to put all that emotion onto canvas. I’m not sure where the picture came from, but I definitely love it, and plan to keep it for all times.


Once I’d calmed down a little, I started on a commission that I’d been requested to do. A Portrait for a girl I’d met while selling collectibles a few weeks back, she’d found out that I painted and requested a large painting done. Needing the money, naturally I told her I would.


And with all the money I’ve been making painting, I was not only able to afford Abram’s ring and our dinner tonight, but I was able to buy a stove, a small counter and a fridge.


Breakfast has never tasted so good, hot and cooked by me.


Oh, and I also had a little bit to spare and had some construction guys out to build me an actual bathroom. With walls and a door and everything.

It may not be a whole house, but I think the place is definitely coming along. My hope is that by the time Abram moves in I’ll have a little loft kind of house. It may all be in one room, with a bathroom on the side, but it would mean we have a roof over our head to start our lives together.


And the wall gives me a place to hang my treasured memories now. A picture of Abram and I that I took on our first date, the meal I had when I proposed to him, and the painting that just expresses all my feelings after he said yes to marrying me.


I can’t wait to see what life holds for me tomorrow.

Until next time,

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