1.04 Love in the Air

I am not sure if it’s good or bad that I’m getting use to starting my morning off with a bowl of cereal while looking off at the view from my little cooler seat. I guess it’s good in that it means that I’m adjusting to life here on my little plot of the world. And there is something refreshing about waking up to the smell of the trees and the water and it drifts over me.


After breakfast I did my usual jog around to find what I could in order to sell things. First some frog hunting, as well as finding some fruit fresh on the vines.


Then I made sure to do some fishing. I’ve found that I really enjoy spending the day here on the beach with a fishing pole in my hand.


Even when I catch these poor little guys that aren’t worth much. Puffer fish are so hard to handle with their little spines, but I was able to catch a couple of them today. I might, when I can save up for a bowl, keep one of the fish I catch as a pet. Who knows.


I didn’t realize how late I had spent trying to make money, until I headed over to Clara’s house. No one answered when I knocked on the door. I guess they’re all asleep.


I wasn’t sure what I would do with the rest of my night until I got an interesting text from a night club. It was just an advertisement, but I figured what better way to get to know some of the people in the area, than to head over and check the club out. Besides, they wouldn’t think it was too late to hang out of they were up dancing, right?


Before hitting the dance floor though, I headed over to the bar where they serve a full menu. I have been getting a little tired of cereal and yogurt as my sole source of meals, so I ordered a plate of fish and chips. It was so good. I had almost forgotten just how delicious cooked food can be. It’s given me even more determination to save up for a stove and a real refrigerator.


Once happily full I headed down to the dance floor to dance and meet some people. They were really impressed with my story of how I had moved here.


One of them even thought I was super keen. And we ended up having our own little conversation to get to know each other better. And out of the blue he reached out and tugged me into a hug. It was like the club just kind of fell away.


While everyone was having fun, I think Abram and I got to know each other better as we danced together. Dancing lead to kissing.


And well…


Things got a little heated after that.


Neither of us realized just how late it had gotten until they kicked us out of the club so they could close it down. It was 7am by the time I got home. But after pausing at a local shop to sell everything I had collected I was able to afford a trash can and a toilet. No more having to go in the bushes, thankfully. And no more bowls piling up around my bed.


So far, I think life is going pretty well. A stove is next on my list, and Abram said he would call me tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure what he considers tomorrow, but I do hope I hear from him soon. I had an amazing time with him tonight…last night?


It’s weird to be going to bed when the sun is out, but I’m exhausted enough it should work.

Until next time,

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