1.03 Better Today, Hope For Tomorrow

This morning I woke up as the sun did. I didn’t mind sleeping and being able to see the stars, but the moment those rays of sun hit my face there was just no being able to ignore them. They were far too bright. The birds chirping in the trees above me didn’t help much either.

Shortly after waking up and getting a little bit of yogurt for breakfast I had my very first visitor!


He said he’ll be my mail carrier, though he doesn’t like his job too much because most of what he has to deliver to people are bills and they get upset with him. He was kind enough to stop by and introduce himself though, and help me install my mailbox. The Post Office had noticed that mine had gone missing, and wanted to be sure that I had somewhere to have my mail delivered. I can’t complain too much, as they didn’t ask for any money in return. Though, the idea of having a place for bills to find me before I even have a bed is a little terrifying.

To try and get my mind off that thought, I decided to explore the island a little bit more. There are two houses on the island with me, though one has a for sale sign on it. Maybe in time some new neighbors will move in. The other house looked well cared for and I headed over to say hello.


Clara Bjergsen answered the door, and in seeing the state of me offered to let me use her shower. There are honestly no words for just how good that shower felt, to be able to have the warm water beat at my sore muscles until they relaxed and I felt a little more human.


After my shower Clara offered me a bowl of soup, which I gladly accepted. We ended up talking for a good bit of time and I let her know how I had ended up on the island as her neighbor. She said she’d been waiting for some neighbors, that while it was pretty the island was fairly lonely while her husband was off at work on the mainland. So she was glad to have some company and she hoped that I would stop by again.


After promising to stop by again tomorrow, I made my way back toward my house, making sure to collect everything I could along the way. This time the plants were finally ready for me to harvest and I was happy to do so. By the time I finished my collecting, and then heading to the store to sell everything, it was too late to go fishing.


But on the bright side, every thing I found brought in enough money that I was able to get some camping equipment. Namely an air mattress to sleep on, and a little camping shower so I wouldn’t have to go back to Clara’s house filthy. It looks like today has been better than yesterday, and I don’t have to sleep in a bush again tonight. Though, I think I’m far from having a roof over my head just yet.

Until next time,

Collectibles Found: 
4 plants (mushrooms, bluebells, strawberries, snapdragons)
1 crystal (peach)
2 metals (phozonite, crytunium)
1 fossil (broken)
1 My Sim (Buddy)

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