1.02 First of Many Days

Well, I didn’t waste time trying to find a way to earn some money. I couldn’t find any though around at first, so I decided to start with this little fishing spot just below the property I live on now. I’ve never been a big fan of fishing, and it took a good amount of time in order for something to bite. But on the plus side, I have to admit that this view is amazing to look out over as I spend my time here on this little beach.


Luckily, after a while, I was able to catch a couple fish. Well, to be fair, it was actually more than a couple because I spent my entire morning fishing. Something about the air off the water just helped to relax me, give me hope that maybe things would look up and I would be alright. Though, looking out at the water, it was easy to forget that up on the cliff waiting for me was grass and trees, not even any possessions.


I started to get hungry that afternoon, so I headed off to see if I could find any wild fruit plants in the area. While I did find a couple, I didn’t find any that were flush with fruit yet. I was able to find a few collectible piles, so I made sure to mine those right up. I’m sure they’ll bring in enough for me to have a decent dinner, right?


There were also some logs that I could hear frogs croaking from, so I made sure to dig them out. I’ve heard that frog breeding is a helpful way to earn some quick cash as well.


After a while nature came calling, and I had to improvise on how to solve that little dilemma. Luckily between the bushes and the fact that no one is around on this side of the island, I was able to take care of it.


I sold everything I had caught and found, and was saddened to realize that it only covered the delivery charge for the final piece of my inheritance. And the guys weren’t too kind about letting me get a good meal in first. So while they worked on delivering and unpacking the last surprise from my grandmother, I went back to fishing with the hopes of raising just enough money to get myself some food.


Confident in my success and haul from my second round of fishing, I made my way back up to my little plot of land. I’m not entirely sure why my grandmother left me this statue, especially since money to build a small house would have been far better appreciated, but I guess once I can save up enough to build a house I’ll find a proper place for him to go.


Did I mention I did catch enough to buy myself a little cooler and some yogurt for dinner? Because I did. It’s not a great start, considering I have no roof over my head, or a bed to sleep in. But at least I have some food and a place to sit. It could be worse, if you really think about it.


I’m still trying to see the bright, to know that this was the right decision to take. I do have to admit though, that my old home never looked so beautiful.


Of course, my old home had a bed. I was having trouble trying to figure out where to sleep tonight. This bush looked comfortable enough that I just kind of let myself doze in it.


Sure it kind of pricks a bit, but at least it supports me a little while I sleep.

Until next time,

Collectibles Found:
8 Fish (cichlid, bass, mionnow, 2 perch, salmon, pufferfish, tuna)
1 metal (heavy metal)
4 crystals (emerald, rose, 2 citrine)
1 fossil (prehistoric rock)
2 frogs (dirt frog, leaf frog)
2 My Sims (Dr. F, Ol’ Gabby)

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