1.10 Masterpiece Work

The morning started out nice and bright. And Abram and I just finished off the grilled cheese that was in the fridge from yesterday’s dinner. It wasn’t as good as the when it was fresh, but it was kind of nice to not have to worry about cooking as we started the day off.


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1.09 Flash Sale

Time waits for no couple. Abram and I slept for a little while, before the sun became too bright and I just couldn’t lay in bed anymore. So I went and started to paint. Shortly after painting I received an email about a flea market going down. Abram mentioned that I should take some paintings and see about selling them there.

I honestly loved the idea, so I made copies of my cherished paintings and took the three over to see if I could sell them.


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1.08 Marriage Whirlwind

So despite not having a full house, we are in no way cut off from the world. We received a flyer in the mail announcing the Romance Festival, and later I received an email to make sure I knew that it started. After talking with Abram, we decided to attend the festival and see how nice it was. The first thing we encountered after arriving was a shower of flower petals, just beautiful pink storm of them.


It was incredibly beautiful.

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1.07 Taking Things to the Next Level

After painting for a good while after my date with Abram yesterday, and spending most of the morning painting, I felt like I had enough saved up to go on another date with Abram. This time, my call to take him out. I’d thought a lot about everything, and how we were doing while I painted and I’d come to a conclusion that only going out to dinner would fix.

So I called him up and he was excited to go.


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1.04 Love in the Air

I am not sure if it’s good or bad that I’m getting use to starting my morning off with a bowl of cereal while looking off at the view from my little cooler seat. I guess it’s good in that it means that I’m adjusting to life here on my little plot of the world. And there is something refreshing about waking up to the smell of the trees and the water and it drifts over me.


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