1.01 A Fresh Start

Hello everyone, I’m Abigail and I’ve decided to star this little blog of sorts to keep track of the new adventure that life is taking me on. And hopefully any children I might have after me will continue this tradition.

My life as a whole was never that exciting. My mother raised my brothers and I in a small town, so small everyone knew everyone and in the summer if too many people used their air conditioners at the same time, well it just meant that the town would have a blackout. Yeah, it wasn’t big, and we didn’t have much. But we made due. My father didn’t exactly stick around to help us out either.
abigailThough, to be fair neither did any of my brother’s fathers’. Mom was mostly on her own while she raised us which probably explained not having all that much. By sixteen I was working at the local mini-mart to bring in money and help pay the bills.

Mom never talked about dad too much, any of them, even when we tried to question her about them throughout different times in our lives. Ever hopeful of just the scraps of history we could gleam from what we could occasionally pry from her. I know that no one in mom’s family has the purple eyes I have, so I must have received those from my father at the very least.

At eighteen, freshly graduated from high school and with no money to go to college, I was at least making enough money at the mini-mart to move out into my own apartment. It wasn’t the best neighborhood, but then no where really was. It was home, and it was mine, and that was all I could ask for.

Two years later, everything had stayed the same, but my life was destined to change. A courier arrived outside my building just after I’d gotten home from work, fired after getting into an argument with the manager over hours I needed and he wouldn’t give me. The courier looked mighty confused as he stood looking up at the shabby apartment building I lived in, glancing nervously at the envelope in his hand with my name and address scrawled elegantly across the front.

I stopped after I unlocked the door to ask if that was for me, and after showing him my ID he handed me the letter, bowed, and quickly returned to his car. Without watching the dust trail he left in his wake, I headed up to my apartment as I looked over the script wondering who the letter could be from. Tired from a long day though, I let myself into my apartment, dropped my things – letter included – on the kitchen table, before headed to grab a shower before everyone else returned home and I lost the hot water.

It wasn’t until I was settling in with a bowl of mac and cheese that I finally remembered the letter. After reading it, I was shocked. It appeared that questions about my father were warranted, though I doubt even my mother could have known the extent of that side of my family. It turned out it was a letter from my grandmother on my father’s side.


I know that you do not know me, child, but I want to extend the warmth of the Cadwell name to you. Your late father was reluctant to tell us of your existence, but in going through his things after the accident we found letters from your mother and pictures of you. We are sorry he did not allow us to know you sooner, we would have loved to fly you here and get to know you. It angered his other children with his new wife, but I have made the decision to leave you the land that he had bought with the plans to build a house. Sadly, it does not have a house on it yet, but I do hope that you can use this land to forge a new future in the Cadwell name. Use it to forge your own legacy, do your family proud. 

Yours truly,
Elsbeth Cadwell

Use land from a father I never knew to do a family that couldn’t stop by in person proud? I wasn’t so sure about that. My mother’s name was Blackmoore, and I know she has family over in Ireland still. I think doing their name, the family that raised me and cherished me all these years, proud would be far better.

Contained with the letter was the deed to the plot of land out in Windenburg. If I remembered right, that area was pretty ritzy, pretty nice, which means the house he’d intended to put on the land was probably going to be massive and gorgeous. And if he’d had that much money, well, why couldn’t they have given me enough to get on my feet, or get out there? In any result, they didn’t. I did have a small amount of savings though, and my lease was up in a few days if I didn’t renew it.

It was probably reckless of me to follow her advise, to move out here with the intention of forging a new life for myself, but I couldn’t help it. It sounded like an amazing adventure that I might regret not doing.


I wasn’t entirely sure what I expected when I got out there either, considering she did specify that there wasn’t a house or anything on the land yet. But part of me was still shocked by the open space of the lot. Nothing but grass and trees as far as the eye can see. Though, the front view is far more impressive. Mountains and a large sea I think. It’s actually quite beautiful out here.


Though, I do have my work cut out for me in getting started. A large plot of land wasn’t going to get me too far. And I guess I was hoping that there would be some kind of starter house or something out here for me, because I sold all my old stuff and used the money to get me here. I really don’t have anything else to my name. I guess I’ll have to spend my first day scavenging and seeing what I can find.

Until next time,



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