1.01 A Fresh Start

Hello everyone, I’m Abigail and I’ve decided to star this little blog of sorts to keep track of the new adventure that life is taking me on. And hopefully any children I might have after me will continue this tradition.

My life as a whole was never that exciting. My mother raised my brothers and I in a small town, so small everyone knew everyone and in the summer if too many people used their air conditioners at the same time, well it just meant that the town would have a blackout. Yeah, it wasn’t big, and we didn’t have much. But we made due. My father didn’t exactly stick around to help us out either.
abigailThough, to be fair neither did any of my brother’s fathers’. Mom was mostly on her own while she raised us which probably explained not having all that much. By sixteen I was working at the local mini-mart to bring in money and help pay the bills.

Mom never talked about dad too much, any of them, even when we tried to question her about them throughout different times in our lives. Ever hopeful of just the scraps of history we could gleam from what we could occasionally pry from her. I know that no one in mom’s family has the purple eyes I have, so I must have received those from my father at the very least.

At eighteen, freshly graduated from high school and with no money to go to college, I was at least making enough money at the mini-mart to move out into my own apartment. It wasn’t the best neighborhood, but then no where really was. It was home, and it was mine, and that was all I could ask for.

Two years later, everything had stayed the same, but my life was destined to change. A courier arrived outside my building just after I’d gotten home from work, fired after getting into an argument with the manager over hours I needed and he wouldn’t give me. The courier looked mighty confused as he stood looking up at the shabby apartment building I lived in, glancing nervously at the envelope in his hand with my name and address scrawled elegantly across the front.

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Welcome and Hello!

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the blog’verse. Some of you might have found me from my old blog, which followed the same founder of my old Legacy. I ended up getting sucked up in some real life things, and some YouTube things, and ended up kind of indefinitely pausing my old Legacy in July 2016. I missed it, but couldn’t get into writing it again. Since Toddlers came out, and wondering how everything would change with the Toddlers, I’ve been inspired to start, and write, a new Legacy Challenge.

The founder is the same, because Abigail is near and dear to my heart and I couldn’t think of starting a Legacy Challenge without her. But I’m not going to try and stay close to the story I wrote last time. I want to let this story progress as it does naturally, and on its own. Besides, we’re starting out a little differently than last time as well.

To read the old Legacy Challenge, follow the bouncing link HERE.